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RMS has helped thousands of home owners like you to increase your return on investment by Keeping Your Home Real Estate Ready™. When buying or selling a home, we have a winning formula and over a billion dollars in home sales and purchases. The facts are, homes with working fixtures, incredible curb appeal, extremely clean, and have pleasing decoration sell faster and for more money than homes that don’t measure up. When your car is broken or it’s in need of repairs do you take it to a car salesman or a car mechanic?

RMS is your house mechanic!

Keeping Your Home Real Estate Ready™ will play an important part in your real estate sale or purchase to help you save thousands of dollars. RMS has the technology, equipment, education, licenses and training in real estate & residential construction allowing us to partner with our clients to provide the best possible return on their investment.

RMS is so confident that our “winning formula” will sell your home faster and for more money we will provided a free home warranty on 120 point inspection while selling or purchasing a new home up to 1 year when participation in our “winning formula” Keeping Your Home Real Estate Ready™.

Keeping Your Home Real Estate Ready™

What’s my home worth or a future purchased home worth?
If you are a homeowner looking to sell your property, buy a new property, or looking to refinance your mortgage loan, then you are probably wondering, “What’s my home worth?” The good news is RMS can help with a free property evaluation and what it would take to get your home Real Estate Ready™

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Can your home pass RMS 120 point home inspection?
RMS 120 point home inspection is strictly to determine the condition of your home to assure reliability and quality. Passing or not passing RMS 120 home inspection will let you understand your home’s value when buying or selling a home. Our goal is to see your home in a class by itself! Enjoy a 15% discount on our home inspection, please call us at 239-495-7970 ww.rms-florida.com

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